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Brand New VGA Graded Kirby Air Ride


  - gcg0229_3 - VGA Gold Level 85+ - VGA (Video Game Authority) is a collector's tag that means the game has been fully evaluated and authenticated by a video game professional. This game is graded 85+ by VGA, which is a Gold Level mint condition grade. The select few items that receive this grade are among the highest quality in existence. A very small percentage of items submitted to VGA receive the Gold level grade. An item's flaws must be very minor, subtle, and be difficult to identify with the naked eye. A collector who is extremely condition sensitive should be satisfied with the condition of a Gold level item in the vast majority of instances.

Brand New factory Sealed, acrylic encased - These are the rare black label version games, not the yellow top "Player's Choice" version - Developed by HAL Laboratory, Inc. and Published by Nintendo of America Inc., "Kirby Air Ride" was released for the Nintendo Gamecube (GCN) in October of 2003. Originally conceived to be a game for Nintendo 64, Kirby Air Ride found its way to the GameCube. This is a 3rd-Person Perspective racing points action game (kirby's first) that takes you to the stars and beyond in an addictive and enjoyable adventure. Based on past Kirby Titles and patterned after games like Super Smash Brothers, you've never seen the puffy, pink hero move faster than he does in this game. Though the controls are simple, Kirby Airride delivers much more than simply racing, it is packed with fun modes, cool options, and great displays that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Kirby Air ride has different types of warp star vehicles that you can race (choose from over 20 karts), each one with different racing styles and strengths. There are 8 race tracks, brilliantly designed, ranging from "Mushroom kingdom" types to galactic star fields. And all you need to navigate them is your analog stick and "A" button. Simply press the A button to slow Kirby down, and hold and release to deliver a nice charge to make a speed boost. Of course there are various obstacles on the course and items for points. You can also have Kirby do various special moves to attack other racers and get an edge. And with one push of a button Kirby can steal his enemies abilities and use them to his advantage. The fun of this game makes it one of most sought after games around. It is great in multiplayer mode, as you can play with up to four friends (different color Kirbys for each) on a split screen. Kirby air ride also features LAN support for link-up play if you have the connectors. The graphics are nice, and the sound and music enjoyable. There are three distinct play modes (making this a three games in one package), including Air Ride (basic racing), Top Ride (top-down perspective) and the City Trial mode (classic with mini games). Kirby Air ride is a game that can be recommended to anyone, young or old, because of its simply design and challenge. It is a great little racing game, lots of fun to play, especially with friends. The development title (and what it's often called) is "Kirby's Air Ride." The common abbreviation is KAR, and in Japan the name is "Kirby no Air Ride." - Rarity Rating for New VGA "A-" - Kirby Air Ride Review by "Prince NES Gamer".

Product Details

  • UPC: 045496961268
  • Platform: Gamecube Nintendo Entertainment System (GCN)
  • Region: NTSC
  • Compatibility: Memory Card
  • ESRB Rating: "E" for Everyone
  • Genre: Racing
  • Condition: New - Factory Sealed & Showroom Acrylic Encased

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