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GCG0224 - Developed by: n-Space, Inc. and published by: Nintendo of America Inc., "Geist" for the Gamecube system was released on August 15, 2005. This game incorporates a very unique premise that makes for plenty of exciting shoot-em up action on one aspect of the game, and fun out-of body experience gameplay on another. Yes, there is a lot more to this game than meets the eye at first glance. The scenario of the Geist game is that start out the game playing as John Raimi, a scientist called in with elite special forces assigned to infiltrate and deactivate the well defended Volks Corporation in Southern France. This is a sinister corporation that produces weaponry, but has secretly been conducting strange experiments. In this human form, Geist plays as a regular first-person shooter, as you can aim your weapons to shoot, you can strafe and run away and toward your enemies. As you play through the game as John, you yourself becomes a part of one of these bizarre experiments of the Volks Corporation, and your spirit is parted from your body. In playing as a Geist (the undead spirit of a person), you must explore the Volks Corporation headquarters. This is a heavily guarded high-tech facility, but you must find the answers you need before your separated body perishes. In Geist or spirit form, you must possess other people or animals in order to avoid being sucked into the dark afterlife. You can infiltrate your enemies' positions by possessing their bodies in order to walk among them. Also, you can drain the life from plants when needed in order to survive, as your life meter drains as you go along in the game. This nice Gamecube adventure game offers lots of diversity of action and some unexpected surprises. The graphics are outstanding, featuring expressive characters and lots of nice atmospheric lighting effects. The use of slow-motion effects are well designed, and Geist has detailed environments that pop. As far as Geist gameplay, its linear design assures that the action remains well-paced, and the puzzle portions of the game are incorporated quite well. All in all, Geist has a distinguishable premise, and is a enjoyable romp in the spirit world of the undead. The alternate or working title for this game was "Fear." Pre-owned in excellent condition. Rated M for Mature. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating D

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