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Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad


#gcg0237 - Developed by Pivotal Games Ltd. and Published by Gotham Games, "Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad" was released for the Nintendo Gamecube System (GCN) on January 6, 2004. This is a 3rd-Person Perspective historical action war game shooter, the decidedly improved sequel to Conflict: Desert Storm. The game has been upgraded with many great improvments including team-mate AI and game UI. It also now has more weapons at your disposal and there are more vehicles to drive. The gameplay and controls of Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad are the same as the original game, but the shooting has improved tremendously. Also the graphics have improved from the original, and they replaced the open desert environments with a more structured collection of complexes and buildings. Much better war game feeling! The sound quality is now excellent, though the voices have changed. The scenario of this game picks up right where the first Desert Storm left off as the team is ordered back into Iraq for some unfinished business. John Bradley, Paul Foley, Mick Connors, and David Jones are all back to take on the henchmen of the Saddam Hussein regime. In single-player mode, you can switch between your four squad members by hitting up and down on the D pad. And don't worry, you can still issue individual or group orders to the others. You will be caught up in burning oils fields as battle in missions ranging from protecting friendly choppers, taking out Iraq's chemical weapons program, to destroying secret superguns. Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad again has the great appeal of the four player split-screen co-operative multiplayer mode where each player controls a soldier. You thought it was a meat grinder last time, get back on the horse and cause more havoc and confusion in the enemy lines. Accomplish your mission for your squad and your country. If you like modern war shooters and particularly awesome co-op experiences for you and your friends, you can't go wrong with this game. Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad is also known in gaming circles as CDSII, CDS II, CDS2 or CDS 2. Pre-owned, includes all art work, instruction manual, disk and case. - ESRB Rating "T" for Teen - Rarity Rating for New C - UPC: 710425242533 - Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad Review by "NES Gamer".

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