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#n64gm118 - Developed by Acclaim Studios London and Published by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., "Re-Volt" was released for the Nintendo 64 Entertainment System (N64) on August 18, 1999. Re'volt is a 3rd-Person Perspective action racing game that is one of the best, and most unappreciated Nintendo 64 car driving games. Completely different from your run-of-the-mill RC racing games, as there is a good variety of 28 remote-controlled cars. Each of these gems are rated differently for flat out speed, acceleration, and body weight. And you get to race these vehicles on seven worlds with 14 novel tracks not seen in any other game. For example, race through neighborhood houses, a luxury liner, abandoned towns, supermarkets, toy stores and other weird environments. As you progress through the game's four championship circuits, you'll gain access to more of these 28 super cars. There are also 4 levels of realism to choose from. I find that the actual physics on the remote controlled cars to be simply amazing, with true to life handling architecture and crash effects. Your RC cars are small and the tracks are highly detailed making it look and feel as if you're really racing RC cars. The graphics are quite nice, very clear and crisp, and I love the sound effects on collision and the engines. The music is also fitting and enjoyable. But gameplay is Revolt's best feature. It is also possible to play a "reversed" (backwards) or "mirror" (reversed left and right) variety of each track. Revolt also includes an awesome track editor where you can create custom tracks using diverse aspects such as turns, hills, bumps, ramps and other obstacles. The game features a nice variety of power-ups that gives Revolt 64 a Mario Kart type feel. It keeps you on your toes and always looking to nab a new weapon that you can use to take out the lead cars. These include P-ups like bottle rockets, EMP, oil slicks to items that turn your car into a bomb. There are six playing modes including a couple of single game modes as well as two multiplayer (up to 4 players) game modes. This is a very unique and fun game fit for all ages, Radio control racing done right! So grab your radio controller and get ready for some distinctive and enjoyable RC action. Re-Volt is also commonly spelled and known in some circles as "revolt." Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - UPC: 021481641636 - ESRB Rating "E" for Everyone - Controller pak and Rumble pak compatible - Rarity Rating C - Re-Volt review by NES Gamer

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