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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater


n64gm083 - Developed by Neversoft Entertainment, Inc. and Published by Activision, Inc., "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" was released for the Nintendo 64 (N64) Entertainment System on March 15, 2000. This is a 3rd-Person Perspective Skateboarding sports action classic, an excellent port of Tony Hawks debut game, with the big difference that it looks better (ie, no jumpy, pixelated skaters). This is the game that started it all. For those unfamiliar with it, this is basically a fantastic skateboarding simulation game where you can learn to control the famous skateboarding star in a 3D environment. The first great thing about nearly all Tony Hawk games is that they are always easy games to just load up and play. The gameplay is as brilliant as it is simple. You select from nine real life pro skaters (including Tony Hawk), and they all have their own unique signature moves that can earn you high marks when you master them. Another nice touch is that you learn your skating skills in real-life parks. Each of the game areas features many objects such as rails, ramps and and half-pipes upon which you can master your tricks and jumps. The graphics are smooth, some of the most beautiful and rich backgrounds ever made for the N64. And the skaters are crisp as they go sliding around sharp environments with only a minimal dip in frame rate. The sound is excellent, featuring soundtracks from various artists. And I don't have to tell anyone about the excellent gameplay, as it is truly revolutionary and gives even those new to the sport a great appreciation. The game is divided into two types of levels. Competition Time Runs and City Collections where you have 5 goals you must meet. This game is fantastic, and will never disappoint any Tony Hawk or skateboarding fan. In Europe Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is known as "Tony Hawk's Skateboarding," and in some gaming circles as "THPS." Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - UPC: 047875108202 - ESRB Rating "E" for Everyone - Rumble pak compatible - Rarity Rating C - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater review by NES Gamer

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