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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six


N64GM022 - Developed by Saffire Corporation and published by Red Storm Entertainment, Inc., "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six" was released for the Nintendo 64 game system on November 17, 1999. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six re-invented the first-person shooter genre by introducing practical weapons and tactics, so that everything has a very striking tinge of realism. The characters background is taken directly from the Clancy novel, which this game is loosely based upon. The thing that sets Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six game apart from most 1st person shooters is the exceptional realism, the necessary strategy and the excellent gameplay. For example, you will have to use floor plan layouts to plan your assault and select the most appropriate armour and weapons to use. And the game control is tight, accurate and as intuitive as any game I've played. The story line is that John Clark, the head of the world's most elite secret counter terrorist squad put together by the United Nations. And he has recruited you to join his team. This elite squad consists of the very best fighters and war technicians from countries all over the world. At the beginning your missions will be rescuing hostages from terrorist groups, but as you progress in the game your missions get bigger and more complicated as you will ultimately be charged with saving the world. You can use up to four teams and switch between them as needed. The levels of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six are expansive, with every one diverse from the last. There are twelve solid missions, which should be more than enough considering there are multiple difficulty levels. There is a very nice arsenal of weapons at your disposal, and they range from simple pistols to sophisticated machine guns and grenades. You can switch between different teams as needed, or have them work under AI control. This makes for some nice touches, such as being able to assault a terrorist room from multiple angles. The graphics are very good for its era and the environments (particularly ones like Alcatraz) are awesome, well designed and intense. The sound is excellent, purposely designed so that when you open a door, there's an atmosphere of suspense that puts you on edge. Rainbow Six also features a robust multiplayer cooperative mode with many maps and missions at your disposal. I heartily recommend Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Because of its stellar gameplay, good graphics, and superb multiplayer arenas, you are going to enjoy this game if you are any fan of the genre. This N64 game is also alternatively known as "Rainbow 6." Pre-owned. Includes game cartridge only. Rarity Rating C+ - Review by NES Gamer

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