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Turok: Rage Wars


N64GM020 - Developed by Acclaim Studios Austin and published by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., "Turok: Rage Wars" was released for the Nintendo 64 gaming system on November 23, 1999. If you enjoyed the multiplayer modes in Turok 2, then this is for you. Because Turok: Rage Wars, is one of the best multiplayer first person shooters for the Nintendo 64 game system. Grossly underrated by many, the game can hold its own. It is designed completely around multiplayer. There are many 4 player game modes to choose from (Blood lust, frag and tag, capture the flag, etc.) as well as a 2 player co-op Trial mode (much like the single player missions) time trials and frag fests. You control your character and complete certain missions (from getting the most frags in a time limit, finding an item, or lasting the distance). Turok: Rage Wars has lots of new weapons, each with a secondary firing mode, which include the inflator, emaciator, and freeze gun. This game is not real complicated, it is as they say, "just plain fun!" Turok: Rage Wars is compatible with Nintendo's expansion pak 4-Meg RAM kit, allowing the game to run in high resolution making the visuals even that much more gorgeous and eye-popping. You can also play in a hi-res letter-boxed mode if you so choose. So all in all Turok: Rage Wars is a good investment, especially in multi-player modes with friends. Pre-owned. Includes game cartridge only. Rarity Rating C - Review by NES Gamer

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