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#gm0058 - Released in 1991 by Parker Brothers, Monopoly is a true boardgame conversion. What sets this Boardgame/Videogame apart from other NES games, is that it has built-in boardgame interaction, and the game itself plays according to the rules of the original Monopoly boardgame. Even the game board is colored correctly. The developers have implemented all the classic options available in the boardgame. And because it's a computer game, there are benefits that only a computer game can give you. Such as banking, and calculating interest rates. Likewise the community chest and chance cards are distributed automatically. Which means their consequences are dealt out automatically as well. The game editor allows you to select whether to show the board, or set cash for each individual, and even assign property. There can be up to 6 real players at once (8 with computer generated persons). And during play you have access to menus where you can view the game status or trade with another player for cash or properties. A great family game, or you can play against the computer.

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  • Manufactured by: NES Games, Parts & Service

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