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Karate Champ


#gm0109 - Developed and published by Data East Corporation, and released in November of 1986, "Karate Champ" is a port of the Arcade game of the same name. It is a martial arts fighting game where you can play against a friend or play against a computer opponent. In Karate Champs You compete against each other and must win two of three rounds. A score keeper presides over the match and they take place at nine different locations. There is a 30 second time limit, and if reached without a winner, the fighter with the most points wins. There are a variety of fighting moves you can make and points are awarded for knocking your opponent to the mat. After your matches there are bonus rounds where the winner can receive more points by knocking down flower pots that are thrown at him. The game play is relatively simple, giving you a grand total of four moves. But that's all you'll need, as the basis of the game is timing on your attacks, and the ability to counter whatever your opponent is using against you. The graphics are not bad but the sound leaves a little to be desired. If you are a martial arts or karate fan, this game is for you. (Rarity Rating C)

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  • Manufactured by: NES Games, Parts & Service

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